I think this will be a short post…. I have lots of ideas during the day and think – Oh.. that will make a good posting – or that will make a good blog… but by the time I get to the computer I’ve forgotten all the wonderful thoughts. I’m hoping to get a MP3 player soon with a microphone so perhaps I could record those snippets and turn them into a good posting!

Anyway tonight I’m thinking about the project that starts tomorrow funded by FLLinNZ3 . We have seven occupational therapists coming once a week for a class on Web 2.0 tools. The goal of the project is to both develop OT’s skills in using some of these newer tools, and also to increase the presence of OT’s on the web. I’ve been looking at some of these tools over the last 18 months of so and have seen the value for other professionals for their learning using web 2.0 tools. I think that the same could be so for our profession – but if there is little on the web, then there is little encouragement or reason for OT’s to go there….so will be intresting to see where we are in 12 weeks time.