I’ve spent the last two nights checking out the blogs of the Web 2.0 groups and tonight linked them all into my blogroll.  I’m hoping that if someone comes by here, then please take some time to check out the links on the left under Web 2.0.  These will take you to the therapists who have come together for 12 weeks to explore how these technologies might support their learning about their practice area.

But back to the topic tonight… as I started looking through each person’s blog I could see developments from last week.  One person’s had had a comment from someone outside the circle, at least two had written quite detailed postings on a topic related to their practice.  Others are obviously working on their links – finding sites that interest them or provide information relevant for their practice. I’m really thrilled to see what has happened in a couple of short weeks!  It reminds me of something I read in Coverly’s Eighth Habit. Covey (2004) states that “vision results when our mind joins need with possibility”(p 65).  Looking at what the group has created already I can see that the vision I have can be achieved.  I have a vision of occupational therapists having a presence on the web, I know we need to find ways of meeting our learning needs, and the possibility for me was Web 2.0… The vision was to use one to meet the other… and in the last three weeks we’ve made a start – Yay!!!!