I’m amazed at how much more traffic I’ve been getting to my blog (although just a couple of comments) once I added comments to other people’s blogs (metaot) and also one of the entries by Will concerning the use of Web 2.0 by occupational therapists. Thanks I think to Leigh, one of the Wiki educators supporters has dropped by as well – replying to my reflective thoughts about the challenge of the future.

I’ll be back later to talk about how to increase traffic to your blog, but tonight I’m excited to have my first online article published in the “Knowledge Tree” . This is an article that outlines the results of a project implemented by the Fieldwork Team in 2005 trialling the use of cellphones for occupational therapy students. The cellphones were provided for free use by the students to call each other and the Fieldwork Team while on placement. We were interested in how the students used the phones, what they used them for, and whether they were were a useful for the receiving and giving of emtional support.

Would be interested in any comments…