I found this link by going to our ‘Web 2.0′ librarian’s blog which led me to this presentation from eFest which introduced newbies to bloggies using a kinesthetic approach. It looked brilliant. Then followed a list of further reading and resources – looks like a great site for the Web 2.0 group which I think I’ll use on Monday night.

Now we’ve got some of the skills more developed (ie blogs and del.icio.us) I think we need to spend this week working on ways to increase people’s awareness of the presence of the therapists blogs.  I think they need to spend time looking at others, making some connections by leaving comments, and then inviting those people back to their own blogs.  I think they also need to be clear about the purpose of their blogs – what are they wanting to achieve.  Do they want it as a place to store information/links that will make it easier for others following along, or is the start of a network.  Two of the therapists have also attended a conference in Australia – so will be interesting to see what they might have learnt, and how they may then use their blogs to reflect on their learning?