Will (of metaot fame) and I have had several conversations on gtalk recently (thank goodness for a 11 hour time difference between the UK and New Zealand) about our visions for web 2.0 and the profession of occupational therapy. Through the last seven weeks of this Web 2.0 project I have come to see that there are a few occupational therapists either beginning to venture into, or are actively using Web 2.0 tools. As I’ve noted in an earlier posting, there are a few occupational therapists, and probably more students, and up until this project probably more males than females (an interesting gender balance given that we are predominantly female!). Anyway like any small communities, each of us knows of probably 1 – 2 people who share a common interest. It’ss like there are all these little satellites circling around 2 – 3 in one orbit, 2 or so in another, some totally circling on their own! I’m hoping that perhaps I can help to bring all these satellites into a similar orbit – even for a little while so that we can learn from each other! The first step is seems to me is to pull together a list on bloglines of all the OT blogs I can find.. then go around everyone’s site leaving the link to my bloglines site. The next step is to try and perhaps bring everyone together in real time – perhaps a skype conference…. and then who knows after that? I did suggest we could have a conference in Second Life – but perhaps that’s a bit of a leap just yet! So watch this space.. If you cross over to my bloglines and can’t see your blog listed yet under the heading: Occupational Therapy Blogs then please let me know – leave me a message here and I’ll make sure I include you! And if there are any other allied health professionals out there (eg physios, speech language therapists/pathologists) then leave a note here!