I recently attended eFest in Wellington. eFest is a conference organised for elearning practitioners – its a good one to go to to see what is up and coming in the elearning world. One of the sessions was about Second Life and the potential for learning. Aaron was one of the presenters and his posting can be found here. Since then I’ve been spending a little time in Second Life (hence my lack of activity here)… meeting with educators like Aaron to reflect on the possibilities for occupational therapy education.

talking in second life Here is a picture of me in Second Life talking with Leigh and Aaron. Since then I’ve also seen Second Life quite a bit on TV. I’ve visited a room on HealthInfo Island that helps you to feel what it might like to have schizophrenia, and have also heard about the Wheelies space – here is a picture of me looking at the vacant wheelchairs outside.

wheelies-entrance_001.jpgNever did find their owners!

Okay – thats all for tonight but its good to be back and blogging again!