Blogging statistics are fascinating things (well they are on WordPress anyway).. Not only can you get excited when you have lots of visitors/hits, and despondent if no-one comments, and dumbfounded how one day you can have 60 visitors and the next day 0 (were did they all go?)… but more importantly the blog stats that WordPress offers can help you see where your visitors have come from and where they have gone!

So having kicked myself back into action (well reoriented my energies)… I saw I had had a few visitors and was curious to see where they had come from. One of the referrers turned out to be this site Shelved in the W’s. I’ll let the readers explore who has developed this blog and why.. but I discovered about half way down Mark’s postings a whole list of OT student and therapist blogs and nestled in the middle was mine! So thank you Mark for helping us to get the profession out there by including us in your list…. and for capturing just about all the OT blogs I know of…

Initially I thought a list of 24 is a little sad really – after all aren’t occuapational therapists supposed to be confident around technology (raised eyebrows!)..but then when I compared how many physiotherapy, or respiratory therapy blogs there were compared to OT – I started to feel quite a bit better! Perhaps we are more technosavvy than our colleagues.. and perhaps we should be showing our colleagues what they could also be achieving.

And I also thought – well good on you New Zealand – as nine of those blogs are from New Zealand (and another is a New Zealand graduate living overseas!). So proportionally we are doing very well! So there we go – a huge hug of congratulations for all of us… and lets keep going!