I’ve known about podcasts for a while, but haven’t had much of a chance to really look them over. I’m preparing for a workshop that I’ll be giving tomorrow at the NZAOT Clinical Workshops in Cromwell. Part of the workshop I’ll be showing a small group about podcasts, so today I’ve just been searching to see what I can find.

 the list is below:

Fran’s I’ve listened to a few times

Then there a few more that you might like to check out – none have a focus on OT I think.. but its a starting point and I’m sure there are heaps more that I’ve not yet found.

It won’t kill you – hypermobility.com  This one is about someone living with chronic pain.

Dr Frans is: http://www.podcasternews.com/search.php 

another by a paediatrician:

and another about mental health issues

Hope you find these enjoyable listening.