Jackie over at Occupational Therapy Otago has just set herself up with a cluster map which shows the location of visitors to her site. We were oohing and ahhing over who was looking at her site from India, both coasts of America and the north island of Aotearoa/New Zealand…

The results are certainly interesting – so I’ve followed suit and added in a cluster map as well – much better than my earlier Palatial Map kit (I’ve dumped that).. and will now excitedly be waiting to see where people are checking in from! You can easily pick up this tool by clicking on my cluster map which takes you to the Cluster map website – with easy instructions to follow..

Thats all from me tonight – I’m off to finish a report, and plan for an assessment that I have to do this week, plus think about what I should put in my application to enrol in PhD…there I’ve said it out in the wide wide world.. so I should stop procrastinating now and start the work towards getting into a programme!