I’ve been aware of the need for a long time to market our profession! My husband often tells me that we are really bad at this as a profession and I think he is right. Most people know what a nurse does, or a physio or a social worker, but when you say that you’re an OT you need to be prepared for the raised eyebrows, or the questioning look. Then depending on your audience you have to decide whether you take the long winded description, the philosophical discussion or the quick two minute – its a bit like physio, but I tend to work more functionally!

I know also that we have struggled to market our profession to incoming students. In our school we have made videos, we’ve created posters, and we have lots of stands at Career Expos…. but I’ve been thinking that actually blogs and photos and videos could be a great way to market our profession. And it doesn’t have to be complex! Karen Dobyns has a great example, and I’m impressed by her videoing skills. Now its just the everyday stuff they’re doing in class and she doesn’t always give long explanations but I actually don’t think she needs to. Her videos/comments/photos show days filled with interesting activities and they seem to do a lot of ‘doing’. I know that if I was thinking about doing OT, and I checked out her site I’d be tempted to look further to find out more about the profession because it looks interesting!  Well done Karen – so if you haven’t found your way to her site yet, then click on her name above and you will be taken directly there.