Well its been a while since I made an entry here – the end of year activities certainly caught up with me. After a good break and several holidays out of Dunedin, I’m not back to work, back to study, and back to blogging!  For those readers who have popped back from time to time, I hope you are still popping back as this blog will continue to be updated regularly in 2008.  There will be heaps to talk about as I’ve finally taken the plunge and enrolled in a EdD (Doctor of Education) at the University of Otago.  Its a professional doctorate, and on Monday afternoon 16 people sat around a ‘U-shaped table’ for the beginning of the first residential school. The programme is designed for distance learners, although funnily enough many of the first cohort are Dunedin based. However, as some of us were discussing – the reason for taking it, is that even when the programme is based in your home-town, flexibility is desired.

I’ll describe more about the programme (as I understand it from a student perspective) in a later posting but for now.. here is the link to the site (just in case you are thinking about your goals for 2009…). One of the requirements is to produce a portfolio of the impact on practice… so I’ll start by blogging my thoughts here, as a basis for this portfolio.

So a new entry is about to be posted outlining my thoughts and an invitation – do read on!