Last year one of our lecturers James Sunderland undertook the development of a course called Participation in Occupation 1. I’ve just uplifted from the Participation in Occupation 1 blog the aim of this course. It reads:

Course Aim

This course will enable students to focus on participation of people in meaningful occupation. People today are increasingly engaged in occupations that use technology. Students will explore the different ways technology can be used to bring about engagement in occupation of people who have occupational needs, and to consider how technology can be used to enhance therapy services to clients.

The students are introduced to a range of technologies, and encouraged to consider what access to these tools means to them, and therefore how they may be used therapeutically. The students all use blogs to record their learning. Last year they were closed blogs, this year they are all open! So to all those occupational therapy students out there either actively blogging, or actively reading occupational therapy blogs, you absolutely need to check out the 30 odd blogs on Participation in Occupation 1’s blogroll. So here’s a heads up for Karen and all that connect through your blog Karen – hope you connect in a posting to this new blog! Lets encourage these students to be active bloggers, so they will continue to use these tools once graduated and working as occupational therapists for their ongoing learning – and then we could just about take over the blogging world (well maybe a little corner!).

So while I’m showcasing blogs written by students you might also want to check those maintained by the occupational therapy staff….alongside the Participation in Occupation 1 maintained by James.
Jackie’s who focuses on supervision, and more recently on sustainability and permaculture (and people just thought occupational therapists were into baskets and bunnies!). Check out Jackies interests at our school website! Jackie also delivers one of our postgraduate courses Supervision for the Helping Professions (need to update Otago Polytechnic weblink for this course!)

Linda Robertson’s who has several on the go – check out her personal one as well as one she has set up for PG401001 Clinical Reasoning postgraduate course. Linda might have another one or two out there… how about it Linda? Have I missed any? Oh the link to the postgraduate course called Clinical Reasoning – click here

Graeme – a recent recruit to the postgraduate team has a wiki underway for his course (PG403001 Quantitative Research in Practice), but I couldn’t find the link tonight – so will have to come back to update this post. Oh.. his course the mirror to Linda’s Wilson’s PG402001 Qualitative Research in Practice (read on below).

Bronwyn – well she’s not quite on our staff – but we do contract Bronwyn to provide one of our postgraduate courses (PG408001 Pain Management) and being both psychologist and occupational therapist means she often brings very interesting perspectives to the postings she makes. Bronwyn’s is a great indepth and impressive blog – I’m impressed with what she is offering our presentation and can only hope that more occupational therapists access what she has to offer.

And something a little different..

Linda Wilson has decide to use a wiki as a resource for PG402001 Qualitative Research in Practice. This is very much a work in progress and a trial, but I’m really hoping that it will be a resource that people return to. Linda has created an online space that steps this group of therapists through the research process – other visitors can read, but not comment – but you can choose to email Linda separately!

So all in all we are quite active online, in fact compared with some of the occupational therapy programmes internationally, we have a high presence on the web – go Otago Polytechnic, School of Occupational Therapy!!!!