Just a short posting tonight as its been a busy day. I’ve been working on an article based on the research we undertook last year with a group of occupational therapists who volunteered to take part in class for  12 weeks to learn about Web 2.0 tools.

Aside from that I had a quick conversation with Sarah the midwife about how we as professionals prioritise our time for our learning versus all the other tasks that we face every day. Sarah pointed me in the direction of Michelle’s blog which I do pop in an out of from time to time (I should read it every day – its such a great blog!).  But anyway – check it out yourself – what do you think – is she right? And how would you answer the question she poses at the end of her posting:

How do you set your priorities? Do you think that you set them to add value or do you find that you’re doing more things to avoid pain? And how does this make you feel about what you do each day?