I have been trying for a nightly posting, but with time away last week, and planning for honours/masters students coming for their research school this week, I haven’t quite made it.

However, that doesn’t stop me checking where visitors have come from and where they go to as they pass through my blog, or what search terms bring people to my blog (that is deserving of a posting one day)… but tonight I just want to celebrate two things… firstly

…one of the first OT bloggers that I ever found Will Wade is back on the scene….. we had a lengthy chat about Web 2.0, is it a solution looking for a problem…??? Could it support, or facilitate the creation of Scholarship of Practice as proposed by Kielhofner, Forsyth, Summerfield Mann and associates, what do we consider professional development to be and why, and what do we choose and why etc etc… which led us then off on a long tangent about knowledge – is it something ‘owned’ by some to be ‘shared or not shared’ with others – what values underpin this reasoning and why do we hold these values.. which led us then to the analogy that knowledge is built on what comes before – just like the street level in the UK which has risen over the centuries – when we look at the buildings off today, what is holding them up but the buildings that have come before! And by then it was quite late in NZ… and Will needed to do some work as well so we called it a day/night! Perhaps I’ll be able to bring in some of our discussions for others to follow through!

Secondly…. I looked at my blog stats… and today I have 6,000 visitors have come through my site since I first started last year. My first posting was in January 2007, but I really got underway on 18 March 2007 with regular postings… I’m not sure that I ever imagined getting to 6000 visits/hits within a year! Thanks to all of those who link to my blog, or who have mentioned my blog – the more we link with each other, the more we’ll give occupational therapists to come looking!!!