I’m hoping that I’ve not lost too many readers while I’ve been absent from my blog! I find it hard to believe how quickly the weeks have gone by since I last posted.

I thought I’d quickly update what I’ve been involved in, and then hopefully, I’ll expand the entries in later postings. I enrolled in my EdD studies this year, and was totally engrossed for some weeks in the writing of an essay that argued for the importance and value of reflective practice and researching practitioners. Depending on my mark I may post the assignment later…! (okay – passed assignment well – so here it is! assignment-2-eddx901-for-blog )

One of the good aspects of this assignment was that I returned to readings I had considered earlier which is the work by Kielhofner and his colleagues in the UK – Kirsty Forsyth and Lynn Summerfield-Mann on the creating of scholarships of practice. I’m wanting to come back to this literature, and to explore the possibilities with a company I subcontract to here in Dunedin.

I also have been enjoying online collaborations with a group of practitioners and academics in the UK and US which has led to us presenting at the upcoming COT/BAOT National Conference. Last week we joined together using Elluminate to discuss what our presentation would look like. With 40 minutes for the presentation, and 4 presenters, we were able to quickly divide up the topics to be covered, and we’re using a Wikispace to join our efforts together. Its amazing how quickly we were able to reach agreement, given that we’ve never worked together, or met before! I know that as therapists we believe that the non-verbal cues are so important, but in this situation I haven’t at all felt the absence of these cues. Will be interesting to see what the others think (hope you guys use RSS feeds!).

I’ve also just heard that my nomination to a new group formed under the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) has been accepted. This group has been proposed and is being led by Louise Schaper from Perth West Australia. I’m sure the group will be openly talking about their work later, but the name of this group is the E-Health International Advisory Group. Louise and I have been discussing how we may use social networking tools (Web 2.0) to support the work of this group with membership from around the world.

Back soonnnnnnn!!!!