I’ve been keen to talk more with occupational therapists about the value of web 2.0 tools. In late May I presented at the European Congress/German conference in Hamburg. In this presentation I discussed the outcomes of a research project I completed last year with occupational therapists and learning to use web 2.0 tools.

Coming up is the College of Occupational Therapists conference in Harrogate, England where a team of us are due to present on how social networking tools (ie blogs) have bought us together. Perhaps if you are reading this message, you may have attended either the European Congress, or the British conference. If you did…. what did you find useful in the presentations? what did they get you thinking about? Can you see the possibilities????? Are you more confused, or less confused?

If you attended the British Conference, then Will will have finished the presentation with a challenge to leave a comment on a blog. So please,…. leave me a note, perhaps with a reflection or two (remember you can count this CPD activity)…. I’d love to have more conversations with OT’s about what the tools have to offer. I’m also happy to help anyone get going as well if they want!

And to those who have already left a comment, I’ve been away from Aotearoa/New Zealand for about four weeks now…. so I will be back both to leave more posts… and ….. to follow up links people have given me… and to update my Web 2.0 tab with occupational therapy blogs.. and just maybe… to take the 31 day challenge as Angela is doing….