This blog has been so quite for so long – I haven’t even looked at the stats!  My only excuse is that 15 months ago I enrolled in a professional doctoral programme at University of Otago. The combination of completing 4 major assignments, and the ongoing work inbetween just left me with so little time to myself to do enjoyable things like creating blogging posts!

So I survived the first year, got the grades I was aiming for and rolled straight on into the second year with more classwork to refine our research topics…. I’ve got a topic, and a focus but more about that in a later post!

Just now I wanted to flag that I aim to get this blog up and running again come June. I’ve just started on a long break from my academic job – a combination of annual leave (7 weeks) and a 3 month sabbatical. The leave part is coming first… so from June onwards I hope to be back and actively blogging!