I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour or so cruising around the net.. with music from YouTube in the background. Tonight we’ve had everything from the Proclaimers to who knows what (husband loves to do his accounts to YouTube music in our shared study!).

Anyway… I started cruising tonight because I am cowriting a chapter for a upcoming textbook for fieldwork educators/academics/supervisors/preceptors (pick the relevant one for you). I’ve been reading an article by McGee & Begg published in Medical Teacher 2008 (30/2) (Yes I know find the hyperlink!)… McGee works at the Medical School at University of Pittsburgh. He was describing the use of collaborative learning workspaces for students and faculty… There are apparently 2000 unique collaborative websites maintained by 600 undergraduate medical students – and do you think I could find just one of them?? Apparently the course directors also regularly blog.. so I was keen to find that one of those as well (all examples I could bring into this article).. but nope they alluded me too!

So I’ve hunted McGee down on FaceBook… but in the meantime I’ve checked out a few blogs I haven’t looked at in ages, looked at Health 2.0 online journals, caught up with friends blogs and generally just cruised for an hour or so with very little outcomes to show for it, but it’s been like picking up a favourite book or magazine and just flicking through it. Can’t tell you a lot about what I found, haven’t delicioused any sites, or any of the things I should have done – but I’ve had a enjoyable time… back to the book chapter tomorrow with or without McGee’s exm