I’ve got two things happening to provide impetus to become an active blogger again.  Firstly, I’m part of an international group who are presenting at the WFOT Congress in Santiago, Chile.  I’ve put my blog into the information and it would be a bit sad to have potential visitors seeing a blog with cobwebs around it’s edges!  So I’ve less than 4 weeks to get some entries.. and to have done a bit of housekeeping to clear brush off the cobwebs, do the dusting, and basically have a fresh blog that is a working blog again!

The other reason is that as I’ve talked about before, I’m enrolled in a EdD at the University of Otago. Along with our thesis that we submit, we also submit a portoflio. A component of this is to demonstrate how we have contributed to a profesionnal community, and how this community has demonstrated to my learning.  Seeing as there is no professional community specific to my topic – ie professional learning of occupational therapists, I thought I’d try using my blog to find people who may be interested in coming along with me in my doctoral studies – being interested in contributing to my learning and vice versa.  This means I will need to blog regularly –  read others regularly, twitter, connect my blog to face book and use numerous other strategies.  And just a thought that popped into mind… I’ll have to check when I started this blog, but none of these connections existed then fromwhat I remember – so this may be easier than I think!