Well the good news is that I now have ethical approval which means I can start talking in more depth about my research to occupational therapists (who may volunteer to be participants in the study).  This is a quick posting tonight as I’ve been working on our WFOT Congress presentation… I’m constantly challenged by giving time to projects that are group ones, and finding time to progress my EdD!

However, I did tonight write out the process by which I think I may be approaching Maori OT’s to be part of the study…and I have a meeting on Thursday which will hopefully lead to clarity on what processes will be used.  And.. I’ve also been talking with OT’s about what I should do to ‘advertise’ my research.  I’m also working on which self-directed learning scale to use. I think I’ve almost made up my mind, but will leave that decision until the weekend. First I need to advertise my study, then while I wait for volunteers to contact me, I can make the final decision on the scale…..