So today I finished and had my supervisor approve the invitation that the OTBoard of New Zealand will be sending out to all occupational therapists who meet my inclusion criteria. It’s pretty exciting to finally know that the invitation will be going out by email soon. I hovered over the keyboard reading and rereading the invitation – hoping that it will encourage therapists to contact me to find out more or to ask for the information sheet and consent form… was the tone right? Would it grab people’s interest?  I finally pushed the sent button… and now I’m waiting to hear back that my contact at the OTBNZ did get it okay!

Having got that step out of the way, I went back to the survey I’ve chosen (more on this later) and reviewed articles using it – and learnt in the process how to use Mendeley . One of my OT4OT colleagues highly recommends it – so I decided there’s no time like the present to try it.  So far I’ve been able to register, get all my endnote references into Mendeley, add in new ones, and even get those to go to Endnote.. so I guess if nothing else – I’ve got a back up for Endnote. I can’t quite get the Mendeley tool into word yet – clearly missing something obvious!

I’ve also met with Maori OT’s and worked out the processes for how they may participate in the research in ways more comfortable for Maori – so I’ll be working on that tomorrow as well…

Feels like good progress and still 3 more weeks of study leave to go!