After much deliberation I’ve settled on a scale that I want to use in the first stage of my study. It wasn’t easy – I think in the end I found about 11 possible scales, but discounted most on the basis that they had been designed for undergraduate students and I couldn’t find evidence of them being used  for health professionals.

I came down in the end to 2 – one by Confessore and associates called the Learning Autonomy Profile which measures the intent to engage in self-directed learning, and the one which is the subject of this posting – the SDLRSNE – sometimes also referred to as the SDLRS by Fisher, King and Tague (2001). After discussion with my advisor I’ve selected the SDLRS.. it’s Australian designed, it’s been used in health, and I can find one study where it was used with physiotherapists in an evidence-based practice study (Bridges et al, 2007).  I also don’t have to pay to use it (at least I don’t think I have to), and I can also create the survey online in a survey tool owned by University of Otago – which from an ethical stance of where the information ended up being ‘held’ felt more comfortable to my supervisor.

In the next 2 days I’m going to try and rewrite some of the statements without loosing the intent of the question and thanks to Facebook friends, I now have about 4 volunteers to try it out for me and provide feedback – I’m loving social media!