I’ve been thrilled to get 10 people willing to give me feedback on the adjustments I’ve made to the Self-directed learning readiness scale.  It’s been great as I’ve got a range of feedback, and I’ve been able to score three now which has helped me to think about not only the overall score, but what the subscores mean. I’ve also worked out how to organise the information in an excel spreadsheet .. although I’m probably going to use SPSS for the actual analysis.  What has been really exciting is seeing how a social media tools has been so valuable for my study – as people have volunteered through my one facebook request!

on a different slant, I discovered NZAOT were on Facebook (just very quietly – with initially just three friends – all NZAOT staff). I friended, then contacted all my NZ OT friends and told them about facebook. Their number of friends rose from 3 to 16 in 24 hours… Not a huge jump.. but it will be interesting to see what happens as more people tell more people….