I’ve had several comments about exactly what my research question is – oops I did mean to put them in my sidebar.

So today I’ve changed themes for my blog (well I did that the other day) so I could get the links to the other social media tools I’m using (Twitter, Facebook and about to add LinkedIn). I’ve also changed my side bar and removed material that is less relevant to what will be my focus for the rest of this year and next – my research! I’ve added in the research questions so they are always there as the context for the postings – I probably should add in the methodology as well.

All of this work is in part to assist me (nothing like having the questions in your face all the time).. but also because as part of this professional doctoral programme from the College of Education at the University of Otago, I not only submit a thesis, but also a Research to Practice Portfolio. One of the components of this is a reflective piece in which I will reflect on how I have influenced a community of practice, and how this community has influenced my research work.  I intend to excerpt comments made here or in Facebook and my reflections on these comments for this reflective piece. Of course, I will not name anyone, nor disclose any identifying data – it may be that I only cut and paste a few words which is the evidence of either contributed to, or having received a contribution from the fluid community that may form around my work.  Thank you.